Welcome to Vittlelab!!!

What is a “vittle?”

It’s actually the incorrect spelling of the fancy word, victual. It’s often misspelled this way because this is how the word is pronounced. Seriously. Look it up, if you don’t believe me.



  1. any substance that can be used as food


  1. supply with food
  2. lay in provisions
  3. to eat a meal or take in nourishments

What is Vittlelab? 

Over the past four years, our kitchen has become one giant lab as we have strived to find the right recipes and safe vittles for our son who has a restricted diet due to an incurable disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (say: EE-oh-sin-oh-FILL-ick  Ee-SOFF-a-JIE-tiss) or EoE for short. It’s a really hard disease to live with and even more difficult to pronounce.

As of today, our little man cannot tolerate any products that contain dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten, sesame seeds, tree nuts (except pecan and almonds), buckwheat, peas, corn, peanuts, coconut, beef, melon, and banana. If you are counting, that’s 15 foods.

Vittlelab is a space where we can finally get our recipes, experiments and cooking tips organized in one place instead of what seems like one thousand different websites, polybinders and cookbooks across our kitchen and social media sites. It’s a place where we hope we can share what we’ve learned and pass it on to others. Thanks for visiting and welcome to Vittlelab.





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